General rental conditions

Vivalure is an SARL enterprise, with a capital of 500 000 Dh, whose head office is located « at 18 Rue Mokhetar El Guernaoui n°22 Quartier centre Casablanca ». Registration number trade registry 345933.

The contractual relationship between you and Vivalure shall be governed by the following documents:

  • The rental contract. (Document which is signed upon handing over the keys).
  • Documents required by Vivalure:

  • Driver’s license in Latin characters (European and/or international), OR Driver’s licence + Certified translation.
    Accepted payment methods:
  • Cash, Bankcard (Maestro).

IMPORTANT: Any payment by bankcard must be indicated at the time of the reservation.


The driver of a vehicle is any person who fulfils the following conditions:

  • Explicitly assigned and fully identified in the rental contract.
  • Presentation of a valid driver’s license and identity document (National identity card and/or passport
  • Be in the possession of a valid driver’s license for at least two years.
  • The driver must return the vehicle, keys, accessories and documents at Vivalure on the date, place and time of return specified in the contract. If the contractual obligations are not met, additional fees may be charged.
  • The vehicle(s) may not be used outside of the Kingdom of Morocco, unless mentioned in the rental contract with written approval of Vivalure.
  • The driver must adapt its behaviour to the applicable laws and regulations relating to road traffic (please make sure you know all local traffic regulations that apply).
  • The driver must ensure that all baggage and/or transported goods in the vehicle are transported safely enough so thatthevehicle is not being damaged and there is no risk to the passenger(s).
  • The driver must under all circumstances « take care » of the vehicle. Please ensure that the vehicle is locked and protected (anti-theft devices), when it is parked and/or unattended.
  • The driver may never drive under the influence of legal/illegal substances that might affect the driving capacity (alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, drugs, etc.)
  • The driver must use the correct fuel for the vehicle.
    In the event of a dispute, unless it is proven that the error was due to a third party, you shall be responsible for all costs of the transfer of the vehicle and/or repair of the damage caused (calculated according to the rules in the section “Damage to vehicle”).
  • The driver must carry out the usual checks with regard to the condition of the vehicle (engine coolant, oil level, tire pressure, etc.)

Vivalure offers the following additional services:

  • Car seat for kids.
  • Extension of the rental period. (Subject to availability)
  • GPS
  • Deposit, including rent.
    This deposit will be done through prior authorisation of a bank transfer.
  • The deposit amount is determined by several criteria relating to the vehicle category, the rental period, as well as any additional mobility services that have been agreed upon when collecting the vehicle. Other features associated with your reservation and/or your payment method can also affect the amount specified.
    These costs and charges include:
  • Administrative costs and the processing of the fines. Please note that these costs should be paid in addition to the fine. You are fully responsible for the payment of the fines.
  • The cost of cleaning the vehicle, returned in a condition in which it cannot be re-rented.
  • Costs in case of loss and/or theft of the keys.
  • Costs associated with any detected « damage ». (Physical damage or vandalism, Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle or accessories).

Your responsibility is limited herein according to the Vivalure “all risk” liability insurance with a deductible of 20%.


If damage is detected upon the return of the vehicle, during the inspection conducted in your presence with the employee of Vivalure or a designated substitute, and if you recognise this damage by signing the submission form, Vivalure will give you an estimate of the repair costs that may be charged to you.


During the rental period, you must take all protective measures required for ensuring the integrity of the vehicle so that it is returned in its original condition (the condition in which you received the vehicle).
You must pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard of the vehicle and take the necessary measures.
Every modification of the vehicle or mechanical intervention is prohibited without prior written authorisation, signed by an employee of Vivalure. Non-compliance with this rule requires you to pay the cost of repair and the return of the vehicle in original condition as at the time of rental.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident, causing the vehicle not to run anymore, you can use an auxiliary service included in the rental price.
In the case of traffic incidents (accident, collision, etc.) you must notify Vivalure within 24 hours. Or, if necessary, the local authorities (Police services).
You should send, also within 24 hours, a claim form to Vivalure.
For any incident related to the vehicle, the auxiliary service is available by telephone at the number +212 6 08 33 13 13


You pay or receive an invoice for the total amount in one or more instalments, depending on the situation:

  • The deposit amount, cost of hiring the vehicle and the selected services and accessories must be paid through the rental contract you must approve and sign when picking up the vehicle.
  • Any additional costs, in particular with regard to fines and/or damage to the vehicle detected in your absence and related amounts and administrative costs will be invoiced at a later time when Vivalure becomes aware of the situation.

You can change your reservation free of charge, provided you notify Vivalure thereof, no later than 48 hours before the first rental day, as stated in the reservation.For all further changes regarding your reservation, please contact us at the following number: +212 6 08 33 13 13.


You can change or cancel your reservation free of charge until 48 hours before the first rental day.
If, within the specified period, you do not cancel or retrieve the vehicle, Vivalure reserves the right to charge costs amounting to 50.00 euros net.


If you wish to extend the rental period after the date specified in the rental contract, you should:

  • For an extension of less than 24 hours contact Vivalure, so it can be confirmed whether the vehicle is available.
  • For an extension of more than 24 hours, contact Vivalure, so it can be confirmed whether the vehicle is available and whether the extension is possible.

In case of a positive response, you must pay the amount which corresponds to the initial rental contract and sign a new rental contract or an amendment clause added to the initial rental contract.


We supply a vehicle with a full fuel tank, or, where appropriate, a certain fuel level indicated in the rental contract. You must return the vehicle with the same fuel level.
If the vehicle is not returned with at least the same amount of fuel as specified at the signing of the contract, the missing amount of fuel will be charged.

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